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Introduite en 2016 lors du lancement de la Xbox One S, la manette Xbox One ajoute le support Bluetooth pour Windows 10. C'est la manette grand public actuellement vendue par Microsoft. Elle rectifie un nombre de défauts de conception des manettes modèles 1537/1697 et elle est beaucoup plus fiable.

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My Controller Will Not Connect To My Xbox

I have tried updating it and its completely updated, and nothing that I can see internally is wrong like nothing looks water damaged, nothing looks bridged and nothing looks burnt but it will not connect. It will flash for a few sec then I tried using the sync button and it connected for about 4 sec but it seemed to disconnect when I touched a button but it would connect if I didn’t press anything after. I just want to know if this is a board problem or something else and if it is a board problem what board do I need to replace?

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If your Xbox One Wireless Controller is not syncing or connecting to your Xbox console, see the Xbox One Wireless Controller Won’t Connect to Console problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Have you plugged the controller into the console via USB to manually sync?

Does it stay synced after you remove the cable or lose sync?

Have you got another controller to see if it happens with all controllers or just one?

Further information is needed to help you with this, please provide as much info as possible.

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