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The Razer Blade (2018) is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop released in May 2018.

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Where can I buy a new Camera

my camera has broken and I wonder if I can just buy a replacement one and fix it myself

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Is the camera physically broken or just that it is not working?

If just not working have you checked the status of the webcam in Device Manager> Cameras > right click USB camera > Properties?

What is the full model number of the laptop?


@jayeff It seem physically broken, as the camera doesn't even show up in the Device Manager anymore. Even 'scan for hardware changes' doesn't bring up anything.


@King Randor

So nothing showed in Device Manager > View > Show hidden devices or Device manager > Other Devices (if listing shown) either, just in case the drivers were not installed properly?

Don't know the laptop but have you checked in BIOS?

With some other brand laptops when the USB "interface" (their terms not mine) is disabled it not only disables the USB ports but can also disable the webcam as well as sub categories under the setting. Usually found in BIOS menu > Security but may be under Advanced settings. Just another place to check

You didn't specify the full model number as perhaps the webcams may be different between the different Razer Blade 15 models and also how to get to it. Was looking on YouTube for Razer Blade 15 screen replacement videos to see how to get to the webcam and noticed the various models then


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I think that your camera is not braked physically and you can reinstall drivers and settings for it as it was described earlier. Indeed, I had the same problem with my laptop when the USB "interface" disabled the USB ports and webcam. Honestly, I would not dare to disassemble my laptop and replace the camera ever. Anyway, I use my laptop just for a job when I am traveling, but for everyday use and gaming, I prefer a PC. I ordered a Logitech C920S cam from and I'm very pleased with it. This model provides excellent autofocus, so you have a sharp and clear frame. I recommend it.

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