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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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MacBook constantly restarts in a loop

My Mac is constantly restarting is a loop. If I try to put it in recovery mode or safe mode, it continues the loop . I also get often kernel panics:

Block Image

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1 solution

Do you have an external USB drive you can configure as a bootable drive using a friends Mac?

Ideally, you want to set it up with macOS Sierra (10.12.x)

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I tried creating a bootable USB through my windows PC (and I don’t know anyone else with a Mac since this is my only mac) using Transmac and my Mac didn’t recognize it when I pressed the option key.


@Leah Kesley - I've always had a hard time with Transmac.

Where are you located?


GA, I have El Capitan for mine and I tried installing the dmg file for El Capitan. No luck over the past few days or I could be doing some stuff wrong. It did work for a while about a week ago, then my Mac suddenly hits me with the restart pop up. It’s been about four days and it has never booted ever.


@Leah Kesley Can you give me city near you Georgia is a big state!

You need a bootable OS installer drive there really isn't any options here as your OS is corrupted. Its possible the drive is failing.


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