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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Not powering on! Green MagSafe LED and now Green Caps Lock...?

Hello everyone,

After a very small water spillage on the keyboard and immediate shutting down and left for 48 hours upside down drying, my mid 2010 White MacBook wouldn’t power on. The Green LED of the charger stays on (it normally switches to Orange).

I opened it up and checked for corrosion - Nothing visible and the dust seemed completely dry. Dusted it out with a gentle brush and air spray, and I also changed the thermal paste (I overdid it for sure, I think i’ll have to clean it up and do it again).

I tried resetting the SMC : no result.

I tried starting it by short circuiting the two power pads - No result. Is this enough to say for certain its not the keyboard which is faulty?

Just before leaving home to go to work - I gave it one last look, the Caps lock green LED was on. I haven’t encountered this symptom anywhere else.

I would really appreciate some help. (I have the small machine that measures electricity with the black and red tips but have no idea how to use it.°

Thanks a lot !

Tim from France

Update (02/28/2021)

P.S.: I’m now seeing that the lit caps lock LED is not so uncommon. But, haven't got any closer to knowing which is bad the MagSafe board or keyboard to change in priority.

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Sadly, I think your real issue is the water dripped onto your logic board and has damaged it! You’ll need to take the logic board out as the damage is on the other side as thats the side that gets damaged. in addition overdoing the thermal paste can also create issues

I would make a detailed inspection of the logic board looking for any staining. You’ll likely need to clean carefully all of the TIM around the CPU and GPU/PCH chips as over doing it often messes them up!

Block Image

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Thanks for answering. I bought a late 2009 same reference laptop for 70€ this morning and it was indeed only once the mother board was changed that the computer turned on.

I'll clean the ild mother board and post a picture.

But i have a blinking file with question mark on white background.

The ssd seems well connected.

I tried the cmd, alt, p, r when booting but with no succes.

Any idea?


Your replacement logic board is looking for its original drive not yours! You'll need to press the Option key when you restart your system to gain access to the Startup Manager. Once you've gotten in you'll need to alter your Startup Disk setting in your Preferences.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


Dan thanks for the time you're putting into this!

I did right alt key when starting and got to blank screen with just mouse cursor.

Neither my main boot ssd nor my second hdd were recognized. I then inserted an external hdd with osx el capitan installer on it and it appeared. Clicked and now loading bar.


The disk utility sees the ssd as internal.

Yet, when i go to Choose the startup disk, there is nothing on the list...


@gromac - OK its starting to sound like you have a newer drive in the system that isn't supported what is the make and model of the drives (both)?


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