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{A1989 / EMC3214} — Sorti en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 13" contient des processeurs quad-core i5 et i7 et une carte graphique intégrée Intel Iris Plus.

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My screen started to behave weirdly ...

I use my 13” MacBook Pro A1989 very carefully but suddenly one day the display started behaving abnormally (you can see the picture for the problem)

It's working fine if connected to an external display.

So I'm thinking it to be a problem with the display and not GPU (hope so). And also at the Apple Store near me they refused to check particularly what is wrong with the laptop until I have accepted for the repair (he said it's would probably be a display issue but also is could be a logic board issue so even he is not sure…)

My question is I want to repair it myself if it is definitely a display issue otherwise if its something related to logic board I want to sell it and switch to the new M1 macs.

If its a cable issue what cable might have been responsible for this (I might try to do a jumper cable or something if that’s the case).

Waiting for answers!!!

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Clearly the person you spoke with doesn’t know Apples policies (as well as most countries consumer laws)!

You have the right to get an estimate (you maybe asked for a fee for that) in any case you can refuse the repair and only have the estimate payment owed.

OK, let’s move on this series had a defect in the display assembly which causes this purple condition. Apple had been replacing the displays under warranty for many. Sadly once the warranty period ended you where left on your own Mac Purple Screen of Death

The cable is not one you can replace as its physically part of the LCD panel. The connection to the T-CON board is where I suspect the issue is at as its soldered to it under the black plastic covers with a bad solder connection.

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This is not anything I would recommend for a DIY person as it takes some skill and proper tools. Think it this way your friend has a jackknife and is attempting brain surgery on you, would you want to be the patient here? Let the brain surgeons do this tricky work. see if you can find someone with this deeper skill set and has the proper tools.

So what to do?? Its time to replace the display assembly if you want to do this your self ;-{ Remplacement de l'écran du MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar 2018

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Thanks for the suggestion..

I would get the display replaced...


@Dhiraj Krishna S - don't forget the score the answer and accept it, Sorry there is not a better solution. Thanks!


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