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Modèles A1297 Unibody : Début 2009, Mi-2009, Mi-2010 & Fin 2011

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Any way to patch dents/marks in unibody

At this point, by the place the laptop's display is showing it's age because it has chips of aluminum that look chipped

Is there any way to patch this or does the unibody have to be replaced outright

BTW, there is a slight dent i don't care about too much, you can't see it unless you look in light on a angle

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If you've got the missing chunks, super glue does alright on metals. The dent MAY be able to be pulled via a suction cup or some similar utility...if you need to fill the dents you may be able to find colored car body filler, though I'm personally a fan of Bondo and paint :D. (Not that I've used it for this particular application mind you...)

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