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Une enceinte Bluetooth portable fabriquée par Ultimate Ears.

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UE MEGABOOM only working when plugged in

Had my speaker for over 2 years now but the charging light stopped working suddenly. The speaker is now stuck at 40% charge and stops working as soon as the charging cable is pulled out.

When I took out the battery and then plugged in the light started blinking but when I inserted the battery again it's still the same outcome.

I have read all the previous questions posted here about this issue and none have a solution. Can I play my speaker like this only plugged in?

Is it bad for the speaker to run on only the wall electricity? as the battery or current going to battery is not working.

Update (06/02/2021)

Any help would be appreciated please guys

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Try replacing the battery and check if that resolves the problem. Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan

here’s the Ifixit Changement batterie Logitech UE MegaBoom guide that will help.

Replacement batteries are available online. Just search for CS-LOE116XL to get results.

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It sounds like the charging port is bad or it has some sort of water damage.

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I'm sure there is no water damage. Is there any way to fix the connection between the battery and the usb charger?


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