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Sorti en juin 2017, l'iPad Pro 10,5" remplace l'iPad Pro 9,7"

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Stagelight / Visible LED spots across bottom edge of iPad Pro 10.5"

My 10.5” iPad Pro 2 (2017) Model MPDY2CLA/A has the white spot issue a few centimeters above the home button. Recently the screen has started to dim a bit sometimes when moved or gripped and then last night it started with a “Stagelight’ effect across the bottom of the screen above the home button - like the Macbooks did.

Any easy fix or resolutions for this? My guess is it’s related to the white spot pressure point?

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Clearly the display has been damaged which also links into the backlight being also damaged so one of the LED strings is not working.

Hopefully replacing the display is all thats needed iPad Pro 10.5" LCD Screen and Digitizer and here’s the guide iPad Pro 10.5" Screen Replacement

Update (10/22/2021)


Here’s the line

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Image iPad Pro 10.5" LCD Screen and Digitizer


iPad Pro 10.5" LCD Screen and Digitizer


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Thanks. There is no damage to the display. I noticed that if I grip the iPad on one edge and hold it it goes away, almost like the iPad is twisting a bit. But the one row of LEDs turning off makes sense on why it gets the spotlight look.


@tdehnke - The white spots and the fine line tell me there's damage. The backlight LED's are part of the assembly so that in its self will require a new display.

Otherwise you might have some liquid damage which got in via the lightning port.


Thanks Dan - good to know about the LED assembly.

I still can't see the damage line - where do you see it?


Ah, that is not a line in the screen, just a graphic line in the app loaded on the screen. I tried loading a paper app with a all white screen, added some colored boxes and there is no line there..

Other than the "White Spot" issue a couple inches above the home screen (which these models are prone too - - there is no physical damage to the screen or casing.

Thanks for your help.


@tdehnke - Guess I'm lucky as my iPad Pro doesn't have the spots.

White spots always tend to be stained or damaged defuser sheets.


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@tdehnke check the backlight diode as well as the capacitors around the display connector. Stage lighting can be a result of those not working properly.

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"Recently the screen has started to dim a bit sometimes when moved or gripped and then last night it started with a “Stagelight’ effect across the bottom"

That with the white splotches and fine line tell me the display is in trouble.


.....and? Where are the filters located on the board? Where are the ribbon cables going to? I never make an assumption but like to rule out/rule in other possibilities. Do you know how difficult it is for a backlight string to fail in order the get that type of behavior? What experience tells me, is that it is difficult enough to justify checking everything else as well.


@oldturkey03 - Damaged display is visible here.


@danj well that is just great and how would that give you this type of lighting effect? You have seen the backlight strip on this model and if so, how do you explain this? Where do you even see this "the white splotches and fine line"? There is always more than one way to skin the proverbial cat isn't there? One has to rule out other possibilities too. You stick with your answer and let mine be mine. It may be the display or it may not be. No reason to comment on my answers to try to convince me that your answer is right.


@oldturkey03 - The LED strip is setup as two strings which are interwoven A - B - A - B .... The cable connections on the back carry the power through. The white water mark implies it got wet and corrosion set in on the ribbon cable connections. Just like what we often see in MacBook Pro's! I've had to replace quite a few cables and LVDS board connectors on them.

Even still the line is visible which is a micro-fracture of the one of the LCD lines and given applying pressure alters things all signs of a bad display.

Hopefully the logic board side is OK.


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