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Repair information for the HP EliteBook 840 G3. This Hewlett-Packard laptop is designed for enterprise usage.

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Webcam is not working

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The webcam has never worked on this laptop for a while, and I did get it going for a while. However, the camera has since died again, and has been dead for a few months - I just didn’t want to deal with it at the time.

So far, here’s what I tried:
* Reset the BIOS back to defaults - no changes.
* Swapped the camera (KG used) - no change, did not swap the cable.
* Reset the BIOS again with a new camera - again, no change.
* Checked the port security settings - no issues found, and the BIOS reset fixed anything that may have been wrong.
* Pulled the CMOS battery to fix a black screen/fan at full speed issue - unintended 3rd BIOS reset, with no change.

Short of replacing the cable and webcam into a “known good” shell I can move my screen to, is there anything else I can try? READ: This laptop is in maintenance mode due to the 6th gen processor. I will not buy new parts that I do not have in stock, as this means the machine is being retired in a few years but still works.

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@jayeff it doesn’t let me choose. There may be an issue with the cable/camera or motherboard. To quickly rule out the motherboard I’m swapping it all.

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Nobody has any $0 ideas? Option B if the lid doesn't help is to retire this notebook, move the SSD again and notate it as a nightmare which means I will not try in light of the Win10 2025 expiration.

I'm willing to try, but on the other hand my HW transition takes precedent, for now. I also need to handle a HW transition on the family side. I'm not going to abandon this machine, even when I migrate the data - it'll become a "BS" machine that if I break it, so be it.



Have you tried to manually update the drivers for the webcam by going to Device Manager > right click on "Unknown USB Device > Update drivers >Browse my computer for drivers > Let me pick a list of available drivers > and hopefully there will be one for a "USB controller" listed.

Not a "webcam" because looking at a schematic for the motherboard it shows a "USB camera" connection (2 wires) in the 40 wire video cable connector


@jayeff Yes and no. No I didn't manually search but I tried.


Remove cmos battery for 1 min and remove display connecter in M/B and plug again :)


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Yes, I subscribe to the webcam tape philosophy - it works, but I tape it up.

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Replacing the lid and camera with a new rear lid solved the problem. The cable was bad in this case.

Yes, I could have preserved the old lid, but the problem is it takes a while to swap just the cable and it’s usually faster to move the panel and swap the unit.

Yes, the procedure on the G5-present is just as painful in the sense the hinge caps need to be removed (the Elitebook printed trim, and the left hinge) but you need to do it if you're dumping a privacy screen and cable pair and can't find a complete unit, or a 4K upgrade. The cable is interchangeable between the screens here so it's pain for no reason.

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