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Tutoriels de réparation et informations sur le démontage pour le MacBook Pro 14 pouces sorti en octobre 2021, équipé des SoC M1 Pro et M1 Max conçus par Apple. Modèle A2442.

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Black screen on brand new M1 Pro

Woke up this morning, opened my laptop that I was using last night, and the screen was black. Rebooted, nothing. Reset NVRAM, SMC, tried recovery mode. Nothing, screen is just totally black.

Nothing shows up with a flashlight, and the Apple logo on the lid does not light up (this is a 2021 MBP—the logos are supposed to light up, unlike the previous models).

If I boot the computer, wait ~30 seconds, and type my password, it will log in and I can plug in an external display which works fine. In sys prefs and sys profiler, I can see the internal retina display, which shows up fine and does not report any errors.

So the display is connected—the computer sees it—but is getting neither video nor backlight. I am at a total loss. I got this laptop delivered less than 3 weeks ago, brand new. It was just sitting on my desk all night. Any ideas?

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Any update?

I think I have the same issue.


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Resetting SMC and PRAM on an M1 MacBook generally have no effect and Apple actually suggests to not do them at all (not that I take their word, but the hardware of the board on the M1 machines does function differently), and I believe the button combinations to perform them are different.

That being said, I might try a few things, check for updates, if you’re up to date, reinstall the OS, if you can get to startup options. Or revive the firmware, if you have access to another mac, using Apple’s guide here. (I would make sure the have a backup just in case, even though revive isn’t supposed to erase anything.

Although honestly, this sounds like something may be wrong with the display itself. It’s possible that the machine is getting data communications from the display, but the display may not be getting any power. As loathe as I am to say it, you may need to make a trip to Apple since this device should be covered under warranty (assuming there is no damage).

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Nothing you really can do here as your internal display has failed.

Time to get to an Apple Store or authorize reseller to get your system fixed under warranty.

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