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Repair and disassembly information for Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

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How to remove corrosion from charging port.

My headphones are almost impossible to charge, i can get them to charge intermittently but can't get a full charge. I sent them away for warranty repair and they said they are unrepairable due to corrosion in the charging point

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Post some close up images in your question to show the extent of the corrosion. Here’s how to do this on ifixit Ajout d'images à une question existante.

With corrosion, initially try to remove the surface corrosion using a clean cloth dampened with vinegar. Not dripping wet. Use a clean part of the cloth with every wipe over of the cloth.

Also ensure that the battery is disconnected when working on the device.

Once it has been cleaned you can check the contact surface to see what damage has occurred and what might be able to be done to fix it.


It's about hard to get a picture it's inside the connection according to the Sony or whoever jb-hifi send them off to for repair. From the outside everything looks good as new


Exactly the same problem. SONY SHOULD HAVE WARNED about corrosion from charging port if wore often and swept. they should repair under guarantee. they did not do it with mine. This is the second pair with same problem. DO NOT BUY THEM


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Hi @ tim conibear

If they said it's on the inside, to get corrosion there either it got wet or the battery leaked.

You will have to access it and check what the extent of the damage is.

Since it is a USB-C port it will be harder to replace if the port is corroded since it has more connections than a USB 2.0 port

Here's the ifixit Remplacement de la batterie du Sony WH-1000XM4 guide that may help to gain access to the charge port.

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Thanks for the guidance.

It's probably form wearing them in the gym I guess sweat isn't good for them, I did think they would survive a bit of sweat!!!

Thanks I'll check out the guide and see if I can clean it up or replace it. Although I'm pretty frustrated they couldn't do that that under warranty


@ tim conibear

Given what it says in this link is probably the reason they can get out of honouring their warranty.

Maybe push them a bit to see what they say . If it wasn't stipulated with the documentation that came with the device, how were you to know ;-)


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I just have the same probleme after take a bath with headphone (dont do that haha !)

After it the headphone cant charge.

Just charge and stop

Usually about fixing item, I tried to fix it.

so basically for find the charger plug inside :

You can follow the tutorial for see the battery.

In additional you must remove the big flex cable (blue and white) its plug in to the usb c card.

After you need to take off all screw inside ear. there is 11 screws. When its finish you can use the plastic blue tool and pull to yourself the black plastic inside. Dont pull too much because the ear is welded to a black cable. But you could access enough to the usb card.

So when u see it just take off the screw and pull the card to you (you can help the flex from the other side).

After you can replace it, or clean it. (Brush it).

In my case the heaphone dont charging, after pulg it the red light stay only 5 seconde and stop.

I have the card in front of me now and the connexion are a bit blued (because water)

Update (02/27/2022)

I m done it was enough to brush it. But dont forget to inspect the flex cable, it was hit too.

Now its charging.

I just brush (teeth or nails brush is good) + alcohol.

If its impossible. You can find parts « the usb c board » (but hard) on e ba y

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