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Repair information for the Sony Bravia 42" LCD TV. Released in 2012. Model number: KDL42EX440.

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Can we install iOS into an Android Tv?

I have an Android Tv and want to use android features on it. Is it possible to install Apple ios into an android tv?

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@wanirfan what make and model is your TV? YOu said that "Android Tv and want to use android features on it" Which features do you want to continue to use? "Is it possible to install Apple ios" as in changing the complete OS? Not possible due to the hardware/firmware restrictions by the maker of your TV. There are features that might be possible to use. Now, if you are talking about using Apple TV, then yes that is possible on an android phone. Let us know what your plan is for this.


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Sorry it’s not that simple!

Each hardware maker creates their product for a given OS which could be burnt into the devices firmware or be loaded via Flash storage (often called SSD). Each processor type or series requires a boot loader so it knows how to run the given OS.

Basically it’s like expecting water to run your gasoline car. But of course some cars do run off of water now ;-}

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Hi @danj ,

Would an iOS emulator work, do you think?


@jayeff - mmm... That might work!

I'm not an Android person so I haven't kept up with all of the goings on within that sphere.

Have you tried it?


Those are just themes to make it look like iOS not an actual emulator. As far as I know there are no true iOS emulators for android.@jayeff


Thanks @areeve, I didn't research it too far but thought that there may be emulators out there

Hi @danj, no I didn't try it. I'm not full bottle on Android and what I don't know about Apple iOS would fill a library



@jayeff - I'm hitting the wine tonight! Rough two days, one of my dogs died.


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