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Can installing a high capacity battery stop touch screen from working?

I needed to change the battery on my iPhone 6s Plus. I installed this battery and my iPhone's screen lit up, all my buttons worked but my screen's touch was gone. I have already asked a question on here and concluded that I possibly damaged something in the digitalizer while installing the battery. Yet I went to get my screen replaced and the technicians told me that they tried every screen in the store and the iPhone's touch screen was not restored. So I'm thinking outside of the box right now. Is it possible that installing a 4500mAh battery in my iPhone 6s Plus be too powerful for my iPhone and stop the touch screen from working?

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The 6splus series has a well known touch issue related to the logic board, thus whatever screen one tries it won't make a difference unfortunately. It would need a microsoldering repair that, depending where you are, would cost as much or more than the phone residual value. Battery replacement may have been the last drop, but it's basically just a coincidence. Time for a new phone probably..

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@mysticcloud « Is it possible that installing a 4500mAh battery in my iPhone 6s Plus be too powerful for my iPhone and stop the touch screen from working«  bottom line: No.

this is unrelated to your battery. Double check your work, your connections make sure you did not knock any components off the board.


If you want to read about « high capacity » batteries Evaluating High Capacity Batteries (Part II)


The key here based on your guides data @oldturkey03 shows these batteries are all within the expected tolerance of what a 2750 mAh battery should be! There is no 4500mAh as that is clearly marketing BS.

eBay battery - Capacity:2778mAh Energy:10.09Wh

iFixit battery - Capacity:3055mAh Energy:11.20Wh

XCAP battery - Capacity:3013mAh Energy:10.99Wh

But! As you noted in your physical testing the dimensions of the batteries are a bit different! So it's possible the thickness of this battery is greater than these which can push on the display, and that doesn't even get into a swollen battery condition. Thats not to say thats the issue here only it adds a question.

eBay - Thickness - 3.69mm Length - 108.9mm Width - 48.32mm

iFixit - Thickness - 3.38mm Length - 108.82 Width - 47.90mm

XCAP - Thickness - 3.62mm Length - 109.54mm Width - 48.87mm

The underfill on some chips in this series was a big issue as the solder joints would fail.


It isn’t that common for a 6s series to lose touch. Arbaman is right about it being a board level issue. I have found that this issue occurs when the front camera connector is plugged into the digitiser connector or on other occasions a 6 plus screen being connected. I think you will find that if you tested the “AP_TO_TOUCH_RESET_L” line it would be shorted or open.


@imicrosoldering Thanks for correcting me Chris, although it doesn't change the picture much, the most plagued series with touch issues was the earlier one, the 6Plus. My bad :)


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I love these marketing ads! Trying to trick you into thinking you can get more than what is physically possible.

  • So how many quarts of milk will fit into a gallon jug? Sorry only four and no more!

This same logic holds true with batteries on the most part. The physical size of the battery limits what can fit for the anode/cathode and the electrolytic which is the active part of the battery. While Lithium Ion chemistry has improved from the early days, it hasn't changed by leaps and bounds since 2005 and 2015 batteries Apple used where the best that could be bought.

Now to mess you up! Each battery when tested can be within a sizable tolerance window. Culling the better batteries and selling them as the premium (Apple gets these batts) is as best as they can do but the differences is not that much from what is the expected norm. You could also get a bad battery one at the very bottom of the tolerance window! So you do need to make sure the seller stands behind what they sell.

Lastly, Doping of the chemistry can improve the discharge so it can appear to be a better battery! But the lifespan of this battery is dramatically lowered! So it costs you more in the long haul! It can also allow the battery to cook when charging! Which in turn can cause the device to go up in flames!

Don't fall for these pushers they are selling you just a labeled standard battery which is meaningless, paying for nothing special or if its a doped battery then you risk your device.

I doubt 4500mAh is correct more likely 2750 mAh, If its correct then its a doped battery! The key is physical size of the battery which can press on the display damaging it as well as the voltage.

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