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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation Ranger, a compact pickup truck manufactured by Ford.

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Gage needles need resetting

Took needles off and now are wacked out. How can I reset them? 2001 Ford Ranger 4.0

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Hi @taffr

Which needles did you remove?

As a DIY repair, you may be out of luck to get them to read accurately again. A dealer should be able to get them to read accurately again as they should have the correct equipment to do so.

Here's the Ford Ranger 2001 Instrument Cluster section from the service and repair manual for the model that may help or maybe not. It shows what is necessary to check all the gauges and lights in the instrument cluster. You would need the equipment (and its associated software) to access the Interface Adapter Assembly Module to see how far the gauges were out of true and then to realign the needles.

Update (06/24/2022)

Hi @taffr

Couldn't find the instrument cluster circuit or manual for a 2001 model but here's an image of the 2002 Ranger instrument cluster wiring diagram (petrol engines) that may help, if only to show how the gauges work.

Ford Ranger 2002 Instrument Wiring A

(click on image to enlarge)

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All of the needles were removed (Fuel, Temp, RPM, MPH, Oil and Battery). I've searched and have watched/read MANY things. Number 1 thing that is said to do is press the mileage reset button and while holding it turn the vehicle to "On"position than let off of button and it should start to do its thing. I've tried that many times and nothing. Also tried disconnecting battery and reconnecting with no luck on that.

I'll check out the link you posted and see what that says.

Thank you for the reply and help.


Unfortunately that's for an Electric Ford Ranger if I'm understanding correctly. Appreciate the information though.


Hi @taffr

Apologies. I missed seeing that it was for an EV model.


Hi guys I have a 2005 ford ranger montana shape in south africa my cluster needles are not working but all the lights are workn perfect.oil light.glow plug and etc.what could be the problem?


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