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How do I get rid of the induction cooker control panel?

I want to operate my induction cooker without the control panel because it is broken,

There is five wires connecting the control circuit with the the device main circuit but I don't know which of them should be connected with which to turn it on.

I even don't know if this is possible.

Thanks a lot

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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E8 problem kaise thik kare


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Hi @haidar721,

What is the make and model number of the cooker?

I don't think that what you want to do is possible or very safe.

There is more in the control circuit for an induction cooker than simply turning it on and off.

This is an example of what is involved when controlling an induction stove.

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Thanks very much.

Anyway, I've edited the post. I hope the photos help


Model No. : AJ -20D



Without a schematic showing what wires are used for what purpose when connecting to the induction coil and its control unit for me it would be too difficult to work out.

Sorry I can't help any more with this one.


You have helped enough, Thanks a lot


@haidar721 I would highly recommend against doing this. Most all cooking units (of any kind, gas, electric, induction) have things built in like temp controllers and hi temp safety cutoffs. Removing the control board greatly increases the chances of a fire occurring, leading to possible injury/death and loss of property.


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