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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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2006 Ford Focus - Fuel Plug, Spark Plug Job?

I was quoted by the mechanic for a lot of work on my Ford Focus. Given my past work on the car, he says that two jobs are within my abilities. I have the front brakes (calipers, rotors, brake pads) figured out. The second job is vague and I’m not sure where to find any information on the process, or what to even look up. I won’t be able to contact my mechanic for a week for information which is why I’m here.

It reads as:

TUNE UP: Tune Engine Renew Plug Fuel Filter PVC Valve (2hrs quoted labor)

(Things to be bought):

  • Double Platinum OE Exact Plug Spark Plug
  • Fuel Filter
  • PVC Valve
  • Intake Cleaner (Mechanic told me he should do this part)
  • If anyone any videos / forums / how - to’s for this, I would greatly appreciate it. I really don’t know where to begin as these seem like separate jobs. Thank you in advance!!
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Hi @kratlordsadcar

Here's the 2000-2006 Ford Focus service repair manual that should help you to do the repairs.

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