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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's Galaxy A22 Android smartphone, released in July 2021.

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My phone is not chrarging in fast charger

My phone is charging only with low voltage chargers or with low voltage supplies powerbanks

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During the chargar season, there are many hours and they are saying that it is full and it is difficult


Charging is very slowly


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Hi @patelparth

Here is an image taken from the service manual for the phone, showing the charging troubleshooting flowchart and also some images showing the components mentioned in the flowchart giving their location (zoomed in and also of the board they're on) in the phone.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

(click on images)

It may be as simple as a faulty USB-C connector if it fails the first test i.e. it says to replace the sub pba (charge port board.

There are videos online that show how to either replace the charge port port entirely or to remove the board so that the USB-C port can be replaced. You would need to have smd (surface mount device) soldering skills and tools to just replace the USB-C port, changing the whole charge port board may be easier.

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could be a possible issue with the charging port

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