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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,4 GHz), 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,7 GHz), ou 2,8 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 4,0 GHz) avec 6Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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Can I replace 2.5GHZ motherboard with some differences?

so, i have a problem, i have macbook pro 15inch mid 2015 with broken gpu, dont ask how it runs, i dont know either, i buyed it accidentaly but nvm... the question is, can i replace it motherboard? i searched up some on ebay and google and found out that some of the motherboard has 2 processors? i dont know how it calls but some motheboards have two seperated "things" that are covered with cooling system, the problem is that i dont understand how all this apple stuff works and only thing i want to know that, can i replace this motherboard or no?

for more information i can say that, mine has two seperated "processors" (cooling system is covering two whatever it is, maybe its an gpu and cpu, i dont know as i said, PLEASE PROVIDE ME MORE INFORMATION HELP ME)

i dont care if 2.2ghz is weaker, i just want to make this pc work normally, so the things i wanna know is,

1) what are these metal blocks covered with cooling system, and if its an processors, does seperated means that ill have a gpu and cpu? as i said i dont know, does cpu and gpu should be seperated? idk pls just provide me with any informations

2) can i replace my broken motherboard, and if i can, what specs should i use? can i use the versions of motherboards without two seperated cooling system covered things?

as you find out, im copletly zero at this things, so thats why i need your help, i cant search up it in google or youtube, cuz i dont know how to formulate the question, so im asking it on forum. hope i provided you with enough information and i hope that someone can explain me what should i do.

waiting for your answers!

Block Image

Block Image

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thanks guys, thats explains many things, im really glad that you answered me, now im at least understanding anything.

so, at this point i have decision to make, as i said my mac has logic board with GPU included, and im wonderig, if i buy logic board with only CPU will it be compatible to the other parts of my mac? like battery, coolers and stuff, i hope u understand what i mean, also im thinking that because of failed GPU my mac isnt functioning really well, it also has 8gb of RAM instead of 16GB and also, i dont understand how but, 2,3MGHz (maybe its also because of gpu)

guys, im not searching for killed pc that can run cyberpunk or something, all i need is machine that could run at least world of tanks on parrarels desktop, also i want to start making videos and stuff...

Briefly speaking! i want a normal working device, that will run more than 2 hours (system says that battery life is at 82% but its running out too fast, like it should be at least hold to 3 and half hour or even more) also brightness level isnt working, so im asking you, if i install the logic board with only CPU isntead of GPU&CPU version (if it possible and other components are compatible) will it be enough to run wot blitz and at least some old NFS games? it lags too much and i blame it on ruined GPU, the 8gb of ram is not enough and im wondering does at least 16GB RAM but only CPU will be enough? what would you reccomend?


@rikkopaw - How about sticking with what you have! A DG system would do you better! From what you’ll telling us you need a new battery not a new logic board. To maximize what you have all you need is to boost you drive storage. There are people who can upgrade the RAM if you have a 8GB board, but that will cost you. To be honest a bigger SSD might be all you need.

As far as swapping between the two series there’s a bit more involved so I would stick with the DG board if that is failing. You might find a used system with a bad display that you can transfer the logic board to your system as a second option to get a board with 16GB of RAM. A couple of weeks ago I saw one for sale for $120.


as i found out i got an dg board (with seperated cpu and gpu) the point is that this mac should be an 16gb version, but something is wrong, aint looking for any fix or ram swap or something, all i need is new logic board, cuz swapping gpu or ram will be more difficult and expensive

the point is, if i buy an ig board, will it be interchangeable for my mac (that i guess, is made for dg logicboard) and if its interchangeable, then will it be enough for me 16gb with only cpu?

also please explain, im guessing that DG logicboard has a seperated GPU and CPU, does it means that IG motherboard doesnt have gpu at all?


@danj also, i cant change the gpu, it means that They can’t fix it for me at the service center, i mean, my gpu is broken, it needs to be changed, it costs for me too much money and im not sure that anyone can do that in my area.

the only way out for me, is to buy a new logicboard, it costs not that much and its easyer to replace by my self (my budget is around 80-100 dollars)


@rikkopaw - let’s backup here… why do you think the GPU is bad? What is the symptoms when you run the system? So far the only thing you’ve clued us on is the system runs hot and the battery doesn’t run the system very long. If that is all that’s wrong you don’t need a GPU or logic board.

Given your use is gaming you do what the DG system! Don’t get lost with the IG systems as they won’t offer the graphics performance the DG systems do.

Even if your system only offers 8GB of RAM, a bigger SSD would off set some of that.


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Let me help explain things Apple produced two versions of this series the low end version which uses the Intel graphics engine which is within the CPU chip, and a high end series which offered a AMD discrete GPU. To simplify things here’s a listing of the two series:

As far as your image the CPU unit has two chips on the green carrier the smaller one is the I/O unit not the graphics as that’s held within the larger chip.

Laptop systems really don’t offer a way to replace the chips (either) your only option is to replace the logic board if CPU or the GPU chip has failed. But let’s not jump to that yet! Often times other supporting components fail which are replaceable like capacitors or resistors. This are still not easy and more so without the proper tools and skills.

I would recommend you locate someone locally that has Mac logic board repair skills. If you can give us where you live (country and nearest major city) maybe we can aim you to someone.

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While you can replace the motherboard depending on the price of the board and the machine, it's generally not cost-effective to do so a lot of the time. You can snag good ones with the R9 GPU for $400 today all day long to the point it's purely because of the Intel fire sale. The prices today are tempting me to snag a 2nd 2015 DG Retina and I'm not particular about the CPU speed between the 2.2 and 2.5; if I end up with a 2.5, I'm happy but I'm also happy with the 2.2 since it's not far off.

That said the difference between the 2.2 and 2.5 boards is minuscule; they both have the same GPU, and 300MHz will make little to no difference in performance. if you can get the 2.5 board at a very agreeable price I see no issue but I would not spend a lot more to get it, especially with how plentiful 2.2 boards are which usually leads to a more agreeable price for the part. There are 2,8 boards out there too, but those are rarer then hens teeth; if I was on the market and it had the GPU AND 2.8 i7 I'd take it home; yeah, not much faster then my 2.2 but especially if it shipped with the 1TB SSD out of the gate?

Block Image

Orange is the GPU (will need to be replaced, or you need a motherboard) and the red part is the CPU+IGP, hence the split dies.

As far as replacement goes, match your old board OR buy the board you want, but you need the matched heatsink if you upgrade it from an IGP to IGP+GPU machine, for example.

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