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Where can I find the Apple Diagnostics/Hardware Test tools online?

I have a MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display (Late 2012, A1425, "MacBookPro10,2") that is shutting down randomly. The fans are working but don't turn on automatically based on CPU temperature etc. so I have to set them manually to keep the system running. I've tried replacing the heat sink/thermal paste but the problem persists.

As long as I've been using Macs, though, I've NEVER known them to shut down due to thermal issues. In my experience they usually throttle themselves so that the temperatures go down, which suggests maybe there's an issue with the memory or similar, but I'm unable to run the Apple Diagnostics tools (holding 'D' on boot) because I guess the previous owner replaced the HDD and now it's missing the 'TestSupport.efi' that I guess is the diagnostics EFI partition or similar. I can't even load it via internet diagnostics, it just gives me the same error.

Block Image

I figure I either need to rebuild the TestSupport.efi partition or download some other version of Apple's diagnostics tool or Appl Hardware Test tool myself, but I know Apple doesn't make that stuff publically available. I've managed to find some online repositories of their test tools that people have uploaded, but not the ones required for my specific hardware (A1425).

Does anyone know where to find (legally or otherwise) these tools or could point me in the right direction for restoring my previous TestSupport.efi?

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Sadly, they are not available! All you have is what Apple broke (your EFI/Drivers/TestSupport.efi file and a few others).

Apple discontinued support for this series within their controlled access diagnostics tool set. That is what the tech in the back of the Store have access to, it is fire-walled off so Joe Q Public can't get to it. Heaven help us if we got the full back room diagnostics! Apple Needs too release these older systems tools and service manuals as well as schematics and board drawings.

The best you can do is use the diagnostics function within the full version of TG Pro its still incomplete.

The other direction is try replacing the SSD with a proper Apple SSD to see if that makes a difference.

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Thanks Dan! I actually managed to find a working .torrent file after posting here and found the ASD version I needed; just trying to get the image restored to a USB stick right now, which is proving a little difficult/frustrating on its own.... :-/


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