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Hot water kettle with digital temperature control.

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Kettle heats water, Light not working

My kettle and base are both working, but the light is burned out, so I cannot read temperature--can I replace this? How do you open the base--I don't see any way to do so.

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@js1591 your device is a Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle?


I've seen some other people open up their kettles. I bought a busted out kettle and wouldn't mind sending you parts I have that appear to work. Let me know if you ever get yours open. My problem so far is that I can't seem to open mine without putting stress on the frame. I'm worried it's going to snap if I try to open it up wrong. I can send pictures of my opened one so you can see where the clasps are. Maybe I just don't have a tool thin and strong enough to slip in without the tool breaking.


I have the same problem. Unit is only a year old. I'm thinking it needs a replacement lcd screen but not sure where to purchase. Any ideas?


You either find the right part on eBay or buy a broken base and cannibalize the parts. Let me get back home and I'll look up the part name on an old broken unit. I'm willing to sell it if you can't find one otherwise.


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If you decide to attempt this repair yourself I strongly encourage you to document your repair so fellow (get it) Fellow Stagg EKG owners can benefit in the future. Learn how to create a guide on iFixit here.

I created some general guidance on what you can do below.

Safety First! Before you begin, remember that safety is paramount. Always disconnect your kettle from the power source before attempting any repairs or diagnostics. This precaution is crucial to prevent electric shock or damage to your device.

  1. Remove the screws. At the bottom of the base should be 3 triangle head screws, 2 3mm and 1 2mm. You can find the bit in your iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, or feel free to buy one here and here.
    1. You can also use a Torx T7 and Torx T8 bit if you have those handy.
  2. Open the base. The bottom should open up easily once you've removed the screws, but you may need to pry it open using an opening tool (also found in the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit). Prop it against something sturdy or hold it open with your wrist using your less-dominant hand. You'll need your other hand to turn more screws in the next step.
    1. Be careful! There is a blue wire that connects the base to the rest of the device, on the side where the spout is.
Image Pro Tech Toolkit


Pro Tech Toolkit


Image iFixit Opening Tool


iFixit Opening Tool


Image iFixit Precision 4 mm Screwdriver Bit


iFixit Precision 4 mm Screwdriver Bit


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