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How can I trick my fridge to stay on while in an unheated garage?

My ge fridge is in my unheated garage and it stops cooling all together when it's too cold. It does turn back on for some strange reason if I unmount the temperature control panel in fridge part it starts to run after a few minutes....what is going on?? I took apart upper freezer portion and no frost, electric coming to the motor, clearly this works but how can I heat the temp sensors into thinking it's 40 degrees outside of the fridge

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@giuseppetirone what is the temperature inside the garage?


Garage gets cold as outside, running a heater next week to my panel but for now I have lots of stuff I don't want to spoil


Hi @giuseppetirone

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


It's a ge model GTS22IBMBRWW. Top freezer. Temperature sensors inside right for freezer section and fridge section. I'm trying to figure out where I would put the heat pad for my model.



Not sure about a heat pad as the idea is to warm up the refrigerator compartment enough to turn on the compressor to make sure that the freezer compartment is cold enough.

With a heat pad the temp sensor may keep the compressor running all the time as the temp in the refrigerator may never get low enough to stop it i.e. if too close to the sensor unless you had the pad on a timer. The heat pad on/off time would have to be sorted out though

Perhaps having a 10W light bulb on an extension cord in the refrigerator compartment may warm it up slowly enough so that the compressor turns on for long enough each time and keeps the freezer at the correct temp. You don't want to have to run the compressor more often than necessary.


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Check on-line for a Frigidaire 5303918301 Garage Refrigerator Heater Kit . I don't know if I can say the Big A here. As long as your garage doesn't go below 38º F for too long. It works for me and my garage occasionally gets much colder. Should work for your fridge.

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It'll cost you about 25 bucks.


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