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When I turn on my MacBook, the screen will be white after some few sec

When I turn on my MacBook, the screen will be white after some few seconds, then it will be black

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Although I posted this The Dreadded White Screen @ Boot regarding a MB Air, I am not sure if it can be the same problem as mine stayed white.... yours is going black which indicates something to do with the backlight & or display..... 13" Retinas sadly have a reputation of the screens failing.... It can be a number of things but surely graphic related? @danj @oldturkey03 to help assist.


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A white screen is telling us the backlight is working! but we don't know if the display is getting a signal or not as the backlight is turning off on you. Here we need a flashlight to aim through the back Apple logo to give the display illumination (a poor mans backlight!) Do you see a faint image?

This series used the Intel Iris graphics engine within the CPU chip, as such there is a strong likelihood the logic board will need to be replaced as replacing the CPU chip is not economical or even available as a part.

I should also point out if you haven't replaced the battery recently just by the systems age the battery is long since worn out just based on the systems age. For reference I'm on 7th battery for my 2012 Unibody which I use daily.

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When the screen comes white, the Apple logo will on but it will go off immediately after the screen goes black


@narhebenezer - See what booing in Safe Mode works.


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