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USF Sarasota-Manatee, Team S1-G1, Stewart Spring 2018

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Filco Majestouch-2 Key Stabilizer and Key Cap Replacement

Here is a repair guide for replacing the key caps, and key stabilizers on a...

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Replacing Spring in Refrigerator Door

Replace the spring in a Kenmore refrigerator door instead of replacing the...

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Tonneau Trifold Bed Cover Retention Pin Replacement

Replace the Tonneau Trifold Bed cover retention pin.

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Jalousie Window Gearbox Replacement

Removing and replacing the gearbox mechanism in an older Jalousie window...

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Broken Zipper On Luggage Replacement

This guide will contain an illustrated and detailed procedure for replacing a...

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How to Fix Broken Porch Entry Stairs

How to fix broken porch entry stairs by replacing old or rotten treads and...

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How to Clean a Kitchen Aerator

Cleaning out an aerator on a kitchen faucet.

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Mill Cutter Paper Stripper Replacement

This is an online guide for replacing the mill cutter paper stripper set and...

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How to Sew a Hole and reattach zippers to a purse

This guide will show you how to sew a hole and reattach zippers to a purse.

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GE TrueTemp Oven Light Bulb Replacement

How to replace a blown light bulb on a GE TrueTemp and replace it with a new...