Heureusement, le remplacement de la batterie de l'iPhone 4 ne demande qu'un démontage minimal.

Pour des performances optimales, calibrez votre batterie nouvellement installée: Laissez-la se vider en dessous de 10%, puis faites une recharge ininterrompue jusqu'à 100%.

  1. Eteignez votre iPhone avant toute réparation.
    • Eteignez votre iPhone avant toute réparation.

    • Sur le boîtier arrière de votre iPhone, vous trouverez deux vis cruciformes #000 ou des vis "Pentalobe" 5 points Apple. Vérifiez de quelles vis il s'agit et prévoyez un tournevis adapté pour les enlever.

    • Retirez les deux vis de 3,6 mm Pentalobe ou cruciformes #000 près du connecteur de dock.

    • Lors du remontage, nous vous conseillons de remplacer les vis Pentalobe par des vis cruciformes adaptées. Notre Liberation Kit vous fournit tous les outils et les vis nécessaires pour remplacer les vis Pentalobe par des vis cruciformes.

    • Evitez d'utiliser le tournevis 5 points plus d'une fois, car il risque d'endommager les vis.

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  2. Poussez la vitre arrière vers le haut de l'iPhone.
    • Poussez la vitre arrière vers le haut de l'iPhone.

    • La vitre bougera d'environ 2 mm.

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    Répandez la magie de Noël
    Obtenez 12 $ de réduction sur les commandes de 50 $ ou plus avec le code FIXMAS12
    • Attrapez la vitre arrière entre vos doigts et dégagez-la de l'iPhone. Vous pouvez également utiliser une petite ventouse.

    • Veillez à ne pas endommager les clips en plastique attachés à la vitre arrière.

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    • Enlevez l'unique vis cruciforme de 1,5 mm qui attache le connecteur de la batterie à la carte mère (s'il y en a une).

    you do not need to take the battery out as chuck said so you dont run the risk of braking the battery connector socket from the logic board

    22therealala - Réponse

    Won't you need the battery removed to access the large-headed screws on the side which hold the front display?

    Casey Baierl -

    In my situation, the #00 screwdriver had a hard time trying to get the screws off. Using a glasses screwdriver kit may be a better alternative if the screws are resistant to the #00 screwdriver.

    tjaeger - Réponse

    Unfortunately the battery screw was already stripped probably from original assembly. We used a pair of nail clippers as pliers to grab a hold of the screw by the edges to turn it. If it hadn't have been for the stripped screw it would have taken us about 10 minutes, as it was it took us 30-40 minutes if you count searching for solutions for removing the stripped screw.

    Margaret Burruss - Réponse

    • A l'aide d'un outil en plastique, faites délicatement levier pour soulever le connecteur de la batterie hors de son emplacement sur la carte mère.

    • Veillez à ne faire levier que sur le connecteur de la batterie même et non pas sur sa prise sur la carte mère. Sinon vous risquez de la casser complètement.

    • Retirez le cache métallique qui couvre le connecteur de l'antenne.

    I don't see the metal clip covering the antenna connector, in the photo or in my phone. Hope this isn't a deal breaker.

    Gary Tash - Réponse

    I don't see it either. I think the metal clip is on the model A1332. The GSM model.

    mcr4u2 - Réponse

    • Tirez sur la languette en plastique transparent pour décoller la batterie de l'adhésif qui l'attache à l'iPhone.

    • Si la languette se brise avant que la batterie ne soit dégagée, utilisez une spatule en plastique (spudger) pour décoller l'adhésif. Faites-la passer sous la batterie sans endommager celle-ci.

    • Retirez la batterie.

    • Effectuez une réinitialisation matérielle (Hard Reset) après le remontage. Cela peut résoudre des problèmes.

    Note that the pull tab is not actually attached to the battery. It is attached to the iPhone chassis, and is only used to separate the battery from the adhesive. (Don't expect it to come out with the battery!)

    Also, the adhesive is VERY strong. I had to use my plastic opening tool to assist in prying the battery loose. This is probably the most nerve-wracking part of the job.

    Matt Strange - Réponse

    It is much easier to slightly WARM the battery with a HAIRDRYER not a HEAT GUN to soften the adhesive. DO NOT GET BATTERY HOT AND DO NOT USE HEAT GUN

    Joe -

    I just did this today. Everything was as scripted. Mine had lots of adhesive and had to use plastic spudger to go around battery to loosen up. Do not use plastic tab until you can see under battery a little bit. Great instructions. Took less than 10 minutes.

    kamullins4135 -

    The adhesive is very strong and I was initially worried about damaging the phone by prying so much. There are a couple of places below the volume switch where you can pry between the metal of the case and the battery. If you lift the battery just a little, wiggle the pry bar further in and then start moving down the case. Don't worry about bending the battery, its dead anyway.

    Do not pry on the left side (circuit board side) and do not use the pull tab until the adhesive is broken loose.

    martin474 - Réponse

    I tried this at first with a plastic pry tool, and the adhesive was so strong that I broke the tool. I then used a large screwdriver and applied pressure very slowly along various places on the outer side of the battery. That eventually did the trick.

    alsmith1928 - Réponse


Pour remonter votre appareil, suivez les étapes dans l'ordre inverse. Pour des performances optimales, calibrez votre batterie nouvellement installée: Laissez-la se vider en dessous de 10%, puis faites une recharge ininterrompue jusqu'à 100%.

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10 commentaires

I actually had the plastic tab break off when I was trying to remove the battery. Any advice?

SOCRATES8181 - Réponse

The plastic opening tools were amazing flimsy- the tips broke off both of them while trying to get the battery out.

The adhesive attaching the battery was very strong and the pull tab actually ripped, though it did not come off.

sunilkamath - Réponse

When I replace my battery for a new one it says accesory not permited or something like that, and I tried with every single battery I found (iphone 4 GSM, Iphone 4s..) is there something I could do? is the battery of iphone 4 CDMA Verizon different from others?

Daniele Gugliotta - Réponse

I have a Verizon iPhone 4. Got it the first day Verizon started selling them over 2 years ago. Followed the guide. Completed the task in 10 mins. The battery adhesive must have weakened some. Did not need to use pull tab at all. Just the pry tool along the outer side of battery as mentioned by other users. Thanks ifixit!! Saved me a contract slot. With a family of 4, that is a big savings.

mmagalski - Réponse

Has anyone had trouble with the battery draining really really <i.e. 10% in 15 min> fast after removing the battery?

revanantwraith - Réponse

Directions posted above worked perfectly for me. The battery was glued in pretty tight (phone is a couple years old) but was able to pry it out with the tool, working my way around the edges. Total time about 10 minutes.

Thanks so much!

ronjobmann - Réponse

This was very easy. The plastic tab did breeak off, but it seemed brittle to begin with. I had to use the pry took to separate the bttery from the case, but it came out easily. Reassembly was a bit tricky getting the battery connection lined back into the logic board. Once it was properly aligned it went fast after that. I had ordered the "Liberation Kit" along with the battery and there was no extra cost for the "Kit". This was a great deal. THANK YOU iFixit for helping us peons to fix it ourselves!

skipyo - Réponse

The CDMA iPhone 4 battery replacement is quite easy especially if you get the ifixit tool kit with the battery. The tab did break quite easily a hair dryer (not a heat gun) on low helped soften the glue (warm up the battery to soften ) DO NOT BAKE! Took all of 10 Minutes.

queenieamerica - Réponse

Simple and straight forward replacement of battery. Right tools and step by step instructions took less than 10 minutes. IPhone 4 is up and running. $25 total with shipping versus $600 for a new phone and another BS contract with a wireless company where they screw you out of services and make you pay for things when you weren't paying for them before. Thank you Ifixit!

Brian Lake - Réponse

Read comments above before starting. Had no issues at all. Did not strip screw heads and battery was removed easily. Tools worked well and didn't break. Did not have to do a hard restart as well. Now, just need to drain the new battery to 10% so I can fully charge. Learn from others issues and avoid problems by reading the above.

James Demuth - Réponse

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