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The G.E. Telephone 2-9710A is a wired telephone integrated along with an AM/FM radio and alarm clock.

Phone Numbers Disappear from Internal Memory

Your phone has an internal phone book stored in internal memory. There is a problem if saved numbers are deleted or if you're unable to store additional numbers.

Insufficient Power/Dead Battery

If you are unable to use the phone book or if numbers disappear, it maybe due a lack of power. The handset draws power from the phone line, first make sure that the phone is plugged into a wall. The handset's memory is powered by a internal lithium battery, replacing the battery could fix the problem. To replace the battery use the batter replacement guide.

No Sound Coming from the Speakers of the Radio/Alarm

Your alarm or radio makes no sounds when it is turned on or activated. This is not the same as no sound coming from the handset. If you are unable to hear the phone ringing or unable to hear the other person speak in a call, then look at "No Sound Coming from Speaker of Handset.

Dead Batteries

If there is no sound coming from the speakers from the radio or the alarm, then the problem may be dead batteries. To replace the batteries use our repair guide.

Damaged Speaker Coil

If power supplied by the batteries isn't the problem, then it may be the speaker coil itself. Replacing the speaker coil may be the solution. Soldering skills will be required. To replace the old speaker with a new one, use our speaker replacement guide.

Radio Unable to Tune from Slider

With the radio turned on, the tuning/seeking slider doesn't move or there is no change in station.

Insufficient Lubrication

If you are unable to move the slider at all or it's very difficult, it maybe due to a lack of lubrication. Re-lubricating the slider is a possible solution. To lubricate the slider, use our slider lubrication guide.

No Sound Coming from Speaker of Handset

There is no dial tone or no sound from the handset.

Insufficient Power

If no sound is coming from the speakers in the handset, then it's possible that it's due to lack of power. Power is drawn from the phone line, so make sure that both ends of the phone line are secured in both the phone-jack in the wall and in the handset.

If you have made sure the connection is secured in the proper jacks, the lack of sound may be due to the phone cord itself. Replacing the phone cord may solve the problem. To replace the phone cord use the phone cord replacement guide.

Bad Speaker Coil

If you have no sound from the handset, and it's not due to lack of power, it may be due to a bad speaker coil. Replacing the speaker can solve this problem.

we are unable to set the time or the alarm

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