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Sony Vaio Model PCG-4K1L Troubleshooting

Laptop will not boot

When I press the power button, the laptop will not turn on.

Bad Hard Drive

If your laptop will not boot correctly, you may have a malfunctioning hard drive. To replace the hard drive, see the Hard Drive Installation Guide.


Bad RAM can also prevent a computer from booting correctly. You may have to replace the RAM. See the RAM Installation Guide for instructions on how to do so.

Uncharged Battery

If you are running your laptop off battery power, then your battery may be empty. Try plugging the laptop into the power adapter to see if it will run.

Laptop shuts off when it is unplugged

When I unplug the device from a power source, the laptop shuts off.

Dead Battery

If your battery is dead, your computer will no longer hold a charge or function without the power cable. However, the laptop will still function from the power adapter so that will not be a problem. To remove the battery or replace it, refer to the Battery Installation Guide.

Laptop will not charge when plugged in

When I plug the charger into the laptop, the laptop does not charge.

Dead Battery

See the section “Dead Battery” above and refer to the Battery Installation Guide.

Display screen will not function properly

When I turn on the laptop, the LCD Display Screen is black, cracked, or has colored lines running through it.

Broken LCD Screen

If your LCD screen is broken, your only option is to replace it. For instructions on how to replace the screen, see the Screen Installation Guide.

Speakers do not work

When I play music or other audio on my laptop, no sound comes out.

Loose Connection

If the speakers are not functioning properly there may be a loose connection. Open up the computer and check to make sure all the speaker cords are connected. For instructions on checking the speaker cords see the Speaker Installation Guide.

Broken Speakers

To replace broken speakers see Speaker Installation Guide.

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