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Modèle A1278 mi-2010 / processeur core 2 Duo à 2.4 ou 2.66 GHz

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Supporting TRIM or NOT?

Hello, I’ve got a mid2010 13inch 2,4 Ghz MacBook Pro and just upgraded to 8GB RAM and SAMSUNG 860 EVO 250 GB. I’ve had help from a professional inserting these new parts into my MacBook and so far everything seems very much okay. It is much more faster than before (Powering up took only 20 seconds, it used to take a minute). I have few concerns here tough. The person who helped me installed Sierra on may MacBook and when I checked the system report, it says it does not support TRIM. Here it is :

Block Image

Block Image


I apologize in advance if I’ve got dumb questions but here they are:

1) Is there anything wrong with File-System (it says MS-DOS FAT 32) ?

2) Should I enable TRIM? Would it do any good to my MacBook Pro’s performance?

3) Should I upgrade for High Sierra ?

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Give this a try How to Enable TRIM on Third Party SSDs in Mac OS X with trimforce Your system should be able to support it journaled file system (HFS+). I know of issues with APFS with it enabled so don’t enable it on your boot drive.

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How would it change my ssd performance?

Would you recommend upgrading to High Sierra ? Would it be better for my SSD ? Considering I am a very amateur Apple user, I do not know how to differentiate between boot drive and normal one. if you can spare time to explain, I'd appreciate a lot. Thank you


Laptops tend to have one drive which is typically the boot drive. If you had swapped out your optical drive for a second drive you would have two drives.

I recommend sticking with Sierra, High Sierra & Mojave introduced a new file system which is not well suited for SATA drives (HDD's or SSD's) which your system has. High Sierra was more of an experiment than a real release in my option. Its quite buggy!


I will stick with Sierra then.

I did not swap my optical drive, I've replaced my old HDD for a SSD, the picture I added above is my only drive.

1) Should I enable TRIM the way article suggests? Would it do any good to my MacBook Pro’s performance?


Yes! TRIM running with HFS+ (Sierra) is fine!

It's when you jump to High Sierra or Mojave (AFS) that you would have issues.


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