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Mis sur le marché en juin 2009 / Avec processeur Core 2 Duo cadencé à 2,53 GHz

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Power being received, no boot

I picked up this old macbook to try and repair. The power button does not work, but I am able to start the motherboard by shorting the pin on the keyboard connector. The fan spins up, and the charger LED is green. The battery is removed. beyond the fan I have no signs of life, no logo or keyboard lightup, and completely black screen with no lights. Looking for any suggestions to get this going, thanks.

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See if after you boot up the system if the backlight is all thats not working by aiming a flashlight through the Apple Logo in the lid can you see the faint image of your desktop?

At this point we don't know if you only need a new keyboard or something more.


no, i had seen the flashlight trick and tried it with no success


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Not good ;-{

That means you have both a keyboard and logic board failures. Consider the costs of the parts to fix this

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody 2.53 GHz Mid 2009 Logic Board Replacement

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