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What M.2 SSD and SSD Adapter do I need for my MacBook Air A1369?

Hi all,

I bought a 256gb SSD M.2 and an M.2 SSD adapter from eBay, however the 256gb M.2 SSD does not fit the adapter. It does fit when it’s the other way round, but it’s very tight and it’s also not the right side up (I think?)… It also bends slightly when fit into the Macbook and tightening the SSD screw down.

I’ve watched YouTube videos on how to do this and I took the chance and bought these myself. I know that I could just buy the actual SSD but it tends to be more expensive than just getting an M.2 and the compatible adapter. I’ll post the links to the adapter and M.2 SSD below.



This is the YouTube videos I used for reference:

Can you please recommend the correct M.2 SSD and adapter I need for my Macbook Air?

Apologies in advance - I’m a beginner but super keen to get this right!

Thank you!


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As much as you want a ultra fast SSD in this older Mac Air it just won’t work ;-{

This system is limited to an mSATA 6.0 Gb/s interface it has. Here’s a good reference The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs

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This is the type you need (A1369 late 2010 mac model).

As it uses a SATA 3 6 Gb/s interface you can use a M.2 SATA based (not PCIe / NVMe ) third party SSD with this adapter.

The speed of the M.2 is going to be around 500-600 MB/s due to SATA 3 interface there is no PCIe interface that can be used for the SSD slot.

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Hi Ben,

Thank you! After doing some more research, I found that I do have the correct SSD Adapter, however I did not buy the correct M.2 SSD - I got the NVME/PCI when I should have got the SATA SSD.

Anyway, I have got the correct one this time round. Fingers crossed it works!


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