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La version grand format du smartphone phare de Samsung. Mis sur le marché en mars 2018.

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Is the L shaped silver sticker needed on the inside of the back plate?

You can see the sticker i am talking about in step 2. Retrait de la vitre arrière du Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

It came off when removing the adhesive. I want to know if its important

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Hi @boberto97347

I'm not sure what its function is, but my view is that the manufacturer has put it there for a reason.

The manufacturer wouldn't go to all the trouble of designing, making and installing a conductive graphite adhesive sticker that isn't needed.

Search online for GH02-16040A to find suppliers that suits you best.

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Thank you for your response. I figured as much. The only reason i asked is some replacement back glass that come with the adhesive already on didnt have that.



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