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Série d'ordinateurs portables HP Pavilion commercialisée en 2015. Les ordinateurs Pavilion 15 P sont connus pour être difficiles à réparer.

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Wifi Adapter to 5Ghz, is it possible?

I want to know if i can change the wifi adpater 1x2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, I haven't opened it yet, but i have some specifications.

HP Pavilion 15-p002la

AMD Quad-Core A8-6410

realtek rtl8723be 802.11 bgn wi-fi adapter 1x1

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Hi @cesar30426

According to the parts list on p.28, Item #5 of the maintenance and service guide for the laptop series, taken from this support webpage for your laptop model there is a Broadcom BCM 4352 WLAN 802.11 AC+BT4 2x2HMC WLAN module i.e. dual band 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi + BT4 part # 724935-005 that is used with AMD CPUs. (supplier example only).

HP doesn't supply any drivers for it on the driver support page for your exact model so hopefully if it installs OK, it will work in your laptop, using generic Windows drivers or you may have to search online for compatible HP Win10 drivers for the Broadcom BCM 4352 chip.

Go to p.96 in the maintenance guide to view the procedure to remove/replace the WLAN module.

Given the cost of the module shown in the example maybe worth trying

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It's the antennas you need to watch out for. If it's a 1x1 antenna set, you need those too. AS LONG AS IT'S THE HP PART, no issues with the WLAN WL.


I open the laptop and only has 1 antenna, it's possible to change the wifi card for this?



No you need two antennas for any dual WiFi card to work.

Best thing I can think of is to get the antennas (search for 762518-001) and then disassemble the display panel (start on p.90 of the manual) and at p.96 it shows how to remove the antennas (yours will only be one antenna) so that you can install the new two antennas (item #1) as shown in the removal process


@jayeff thanks for your help, I'm thinking about this, is it posible to change this mainboard?? for other like intel i7 processor for example, how i can read in the manual, and get the antennas but with other wifi card... Am i crazy? 😂



All the part numbers for the various boards etc are in the manual if you want to do this.

Depends how much you choose to spend on it I suppose.


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