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The Dreaded Track Pad & Keyboard Failure

paulxpac -

MacBook Core Duo

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MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Cable Replacement


Mon problème

My MacBook (Model 1181) is in pristine condition, so getting a new one seemed wasteful. After doing an internet search on possible causes of intermittent track pad and keyboard failure, I found it to be a consistent problem with these models. I ran thru the prescribe checks and decided to change out the upper case cable instead of the whole upper case, $30.00 vs. $150.00 plus.

Ma solution

As with all thing electrical, sometimes connections need to be reseated, particularly in humid environments. This combined with warm up and cool down of the computer, over time connections may fail. I replaced the cable for good measure which corrected the problem.

iFixit's repair manuals are great. Following the step by step instructions and using the right tools, makes changing parts a breeze. With every Mac I buy, I at least keep a copy of certain iFixit repair manual for emergency use. Thanks,!!!

Mon conseil

Hint: I placed double stick tape on some paper and place my screws in order of removal on the tap. I also made any notes to myself where needed. This made it exceptionally easy to find the right screw for the right hole on reassembly.

Image MacBook Upper Case Cable
MacBook Upper Case Cable


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