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Palm TX Troubleshooting

PDA will not turn on

Nothing you do makes your PDA turn on.

Drained battery

You may need to simply recharge the battery, especially if your device has gone unused for an extended period of time.

Bad battery or charger

If your PDA will not turn on, even after you plug it in for 3 hours, you may need to replace your battery or charger. If your PDA successfully charges with a different charger, then your charger has failed. Otherwise, you may need to replace the battery.

Bad power button

The power button's connection commonly fails on the Palm T|X. This might be the case with your device and you may need to re-solder the connection.

Bad or damaged display

If your device appears to be turned off, but still makes sounds, your display may have failed. You may need to replace the display.

Bad motherboard

The motherboard might have failed and may need replacement.

Display does not respond to my touch

When you touch the screen, nothing happens.

Software error

If the display does not respond to the stylus or your touch, you might have a software issue which you may be able to resolve with a soft reset, as described below in the software section. If this does not fix the problem, you may need to do a hard reset, though this will erase all data on your device.

Bad display

If both a soft reset and a hard reset fail to fix your device, the display might have failed and may need replacement.

Bad keypad

If the device does not respond to key presses, you might have a software issue which you may be able to resolve by doing a soft reset. If doing a soft reset fails to fix the device, the key pad might have failed and may need replacement.

Battery dies much too quickly

The battery does not stay charged for very long.

Battery not fully charged

Charge your device for at least 3 hours when the battery runs low. Be sure that it shows the battery is completely charged when you unplug it, not just showing all the battery bars.

Bad battery

Over time, batteries loose their ability to hold a charge. If this is the case with your device, you may have to replace the battery.

Sound does not work correctly

My PDA has poor sound quality, or no sound at all.

Volume is turned off

Before taking anything apart, verify that the volume is at a normal level and the PDA is not muted.

Audio jack doesn't work

If your headphones work fine in other devices, there may be a poor or broken connection between the audio jack and connector. You may need to clean the connection or re-solder it.

Speaker is broken

If the problem remains after checking the issues above, the speaker may have failed and may need replacement. You can do this by replacing the back panel.

Software does not work correctly

My PDA's hardware is fine, but the device still doesn't work well.

Soft reset

Doing a soft reset is similar to restarting your computer. Simply use the tip of the stylus to press the small reset button above the speaker on the back of the device. You may have to reenter the date and time after doing a soft reset.

Official Palm T|X User Guide

If the device still does not work properly, the User Guide may help you solve any software problems.

Who can I get to repair my Palm TX. That has a broken screen

alambskin - Réponse

Has Palm, lnc. Gone out of business.

alambskin - Réponse

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