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Voici quelques outils couramment utilisés pour travailler sur cet appareil. Vous ne devriez pas avoir besoin de tous les outils pour chaque procédure.

Trouble shooting

Having a few hard issues? Take a look at the JBL Flip 3 Troubleshooting guide.

Background information

Priced at roughly $100 dollars, the JBL Flip 3 is the third iteration of JBL's bluetooth speaker. The Flip 3 is surprisingly durable, water resistant, and has a rubber flap that safely covers the USB charging port as well the audio port. The 2nd generation of the software came with a carrying case, this one does not.

This one has increased wattage compared to older versions of the speaker and compatibility with cell phone speaker phones. This model sports a pause, play, and a power button placed in a row on the side of the device opposite of the logo.

Additional Information

JBL Flip 3 Product Page

JBL Flip 3 on Amazon

A reivew of the JBL Flip 3 from CNET

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