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Identification and Background

The Sony Playstation 2 Slimline was released in September, 2004, in time for the launch of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Production of the old models (SCPH-3XXXX) stopped as soon as the smaller, thinner, quieter replacement hit the shelves (SCPH-7XXXX). Other than the noticeable size difference, Slimline models can be identified by a built-in ethernet port which previous models did not have.

Repairing the Playstation 2 Slimline is not a difficult task. The majority of disassembly can be done with a screwdriver and the components can be easily identified and swapped out without soldering.


Looking for a place to start? Check out the troubleshooting page for solutions to common problems with the Playstation 2 Slimline.

Technical Specifications

  • General
    • Manufacturer: Sony
    • Part Number: 97060
    • Model Numbers: SCPH-7XXXX
    • Media Type: DVD
    • CPU: Toshiba & Sony Emotion Engine - 294.9 MHz
    • RAM: 32MB RDRAM
    • Power Consumption: 45 Watts
  • Video
    • Memory: 4MB
    • Max. Resolution Output: 1280 x 1024
    • System: NTSC
  • Size
    • Width: 9.1 in
    • Depth: 6 in
    • Height: 1.1 in
    • Weight: 2 lbs
  • External Connections
    • 2 x Game Controller
    • 2 x Memory Card
    • 2 x USB (4-pin, Type-A)
    • 1 x Network (RJ-45)
    • 1 x Phone Line (RJ-11)
    • 1 x Audio/Video Output
    • 1 x SPDIF Output
    • 1 x DC Power Input

Additional Information

The links below are provided for further research and locating replacement parts:

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EBay Replacement Parts & Tools: Playstation 2 Slim Playstation Repair Parts

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