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Série d'ordinateurs portables HP Pavilion commercialisée en 2015. Les ordinateurs Pavilion 15 P sont connus pour être difficiles à réparer.

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Has anyone done a screen replacement?


I have a hp pavilion 15-P005AX and the screen has black lines through it and was wondering if it was easy enough and cheap enough to replace just the screen?

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Hi @antsgamingau ,

Here's the maintenance and service guide, taken from this support webpage for the laptop.

Go to p.90 to view the procedure to replace the LCD panel.

The HP part number for your particular LCD panel is 762513-001. It can usually be found on the back of the panel somewhere if you wish to verify. Search online using the part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Is it worth replacing?



It depends on what you want it for.

It is now 7 years old so it may be showing its age.

Performance could be improved by installing a SSD and maybe increasing the ram but it is DDR3 ram which is also showing its age especially if gaming.

Did you prove that it is the LCD panel by connecting an external monitor to the laptop and checked its display? Also try moving the lid back and forth very slowly and check what happens to the lines. It may be due to a damaged video cable where it passes through the hinge to get between the motherboard and the lid.


@jayeff The A10 and Intel processors they used were always mediocre. Mediocrity doesn't age well; see the 2015 dual GPU Retina MBP. These things are still running circles around cheaper machines from just a few years ago. The main setback now for me recommending SSDs for these is the expiration date on Win10 is coming any day now. You could spend $150 on an SSD for a machine which is 7 years old and only get 1 year more out of it in practice, maybe 2 if you get lucky.

You'd NEVER KNOW my 2015 DG Retina is old by the performance; the ports give it away (and people still want them for the legacy layout). I can run this thing hard with tools like Affinity Photo V1, V2 and trying other programs for guides as needed. Find me a cheapo Windows laptop from the era that can do this.


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To answer your question*, yes this is an easy replacement. You can pop out the display bezel with just your fingernails, unscrew a few screws holding the panel in, and you can lean the panel forward to remove the connector. Reverse the process with a new panel That's it. It takes about 10 minutes to change the screen if you know what you're doing, and I would be very surprised if over 30 minutes for someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Just important to make sure you pop out the battery (user serviceable battery means that takes seconds) before you start. You don't even need to take the bottom cover off or do anything inside the "computer" side of the laptop.

It is likely also cheap, as far as these things go. These screens usually are in the $60 USD range. I don't know if you are US or prices translate directly in your market, so take that with a grain of salt. To find the exact price, just pop your panel out as described above, find the model number on the back of the panel (usually on a sticker) and google it. If you are not sure which string of numbers is the panel model number, just google them one at a time until you hit the prize. There are a handful of model number standards based on who manufactured the panel, but if you have trouble finding it feel free to post photos of the back of your panel and I could help point out the model number.

Is it worth it? That's the hardest question to answer. It was a middling computer when it was new. The cost of the part will be less than buying a new computer, but the cost of the part compared to the real world value of this computer is a stretch at best. The general rule of thumb I tell my clients is if repair will cost more than 50% the value of the machine, then it is time to consider upgrading. I don't make any money when the client goes to Best Buy instead of to me, but I try to keep them informed of honest expectations. The real question would be how much do you value sticking with this computer? The physical layout, the familiarity with it, how comfortable you are using this, etc. The value to you is something only you can answer. Find the replacement panel and see how much it costs, and decide for yourself if it is worth it. For what it is worth, with a computer like this brought into my shop I usually recommend to more tech-savvy clients to go through with the upgrade, and those who don't know the difference between "internet" and "email" and "google" to keep what they know because the time and frustration of learning a new computer with a (likely) new OS makes it more than worth it.

Hope this helps!

*I have worked on multiple very similar models, but not this exact one. I suppose it is possible that, for some reason, this one is different than others from the same year in the same line.

If you do go through with the repair, consider taking some photos of the process and make your own guide: How to Create a Guide
A contribution like this would be a great addition to our resources here. 😀

EDIT: This just popped up in recent answers but I only just noticed it was posted 7 months ago. I am not good at making sure threads are recent when they do that, sorry.

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I got one from family; was told to erase it and I could keep it. I don't touch it it's so bad. It was a student laptop, best I can tell. When high end laptops from 8 years shame these, it's hard to justify.

Maybe high end business laptops ruined these for me, but is seeing what a proper i5 or i7 can do bad? If your laptop is good enough to force it into a 2K mode, you're dealing with something really impressive. It takes quite a processor to run at 1600p.


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