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Sony Vaio SVE111B11L Troubleshooting Page

Background and Identification

The Sony Vaio E series comes in 4 different models: the SVE11125CXB, SVE11125CXW, SVE11135CXB, and SVE11135CXW. All the models are similar in most ways, each being 11.6", each featuring 8GB DDR3 RAM, an optical drive (DVD burner/Blu-ray player/ or Blue-ray burner). The SVE11135CXB comes in Sharkskin Black, and SVE11135CXW comes in Seafoam White as well for SVE11125CXB and SVE11125CXW. One key difference between the models would have to be the speakers and the Rapid Wake technology that allows the laptop to go into sleep mode which are only on the SVE11125CXB and SVE11125CXW models.

There are quite a few problems that users have complained about with the Sony Vaio E series. While both the keyboard and processor are well, there have been many complaints regarding the laptop's touch pad and how well it functions. The moderate size is a let down and having no texture is not helpful.

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