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The first generation Audi A4 debuted in October 1994. The 1995-2001 A4 was built on the Volkswagen B5 platform.

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Window in left front door lowers but can't be raised?

Audi A4 1994 left front door window goes perfectly down but cannot be closed any more. Possible there is a wire broken in the rubber tube behind door and car body. But there are a lot of wires there. Anyone known to this problem?

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Well what I realised on my 97 Audi Cabriolet V6 after spending hours trying to close window I opened on evening I bought car..

I narrowed it down to the MAIN switch control in drivers door. So i unclipped each button from the main controller switch on drivers side off and just changed them around.. i.e.. So rear window switches actually controls front and visa versa..

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I had the same problem and what I found was if you put your key in the driver door, turn key to lock position and hold in lock position until the window rolls up

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