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The 15.6” Lenovo ThinkPad T530 is a laptop released in 2012.

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The Keyboard Backlight Dosen't Work!

I recently updated my Lenovo Thinkpad T530 to Windows 10 and the Keyboard light wont work. I tried updating the driver but to no avail. Please Help.

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Hello, I would try this driver. I also have a Lenovo on windows 10 and my keyboard light works.

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I downloaded what it told me to but it still dosent work.


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I had the same problem and fortunately, I could solve it.

It probably is not because of Windows, Energy Manager, Lenovo Utility, keyboard driver or anything else. Instead, it is caused because of an alteration of the BIOS software. Therefore, you can fix it by updating the BIOS firmware from Lenovo website.



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