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Nintendo’s first major revision of the 3DS released to Japan in October of 2014 and to North America in September of 2015. The 2015 3DS introduces improved 3D capabilities, a C-Stick, new internal amiibo support, and a new set of trigger buttons.

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Touchscreen and buttons not responding EXCEPT the 'new 3DS' buttons

So, my New 3DS developed this funny thing last week. After a few minutes of being turned on, all input would freeze with the exception of the ‘new 3DS’ buttons. For example, I can still scroll through the home menu using the nub (C-stick?) and the two small bumper buttons. However, I cannot select anything as the A, B, X, Y, touchscreen, D-pad, circle pad and the large bumpers are all unresponsive.

Since then the problem has started to occur earlier and at present it manifests right from when I start the console.

While it was still working, I’ve done a factory reset and updated to the latest software, none of which helped.

I’ve opened the console up but couldn’t discover any physical cause.

Any ideas?

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My son's New 3DS is having the exact same issues. As soon as the 3DS is powered on the touchscreen and buttons, with the exception of the New 3DS buttons, all become unresponsive.

I tore the whole thing apart, checked everything, saw zero signs of damage and put it all back together again without a single issue. I checked online and could not find any helpful information on the matter. You are literally the only person I could find that is or was having the exact same problem.

I know this question was asked years ago but I'm still hoping that maybe you will see my response. Did you ever find a resolution to our dilemma? Is there any advice you could give me?


"You are literally the only person I could find that is or was having the exact same problem."

Isn't it amazing. As it happens I have had zero response in all these years and the 3DS has been lying around all that time. Cool that we got a solution from @nothing666 and will try that, let you know if it works.


dear @mboodenak,

Would you mind if you could make this a question and further describe your issue as i could help you more there.


Dear @np_f1_2021 ,

I'm not sure I get it. My question is already a question, right?


Oh I just realised, whoops. My bad


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Since this question has been dug up, it is time to give him an answer! The problem is due to dust or debris between the bottom screen and the touch screen, which makes the console think that the touchscreen is being pressed at all times, causing the touchscreen and buttons from not working. For repair it you need to, carefully separate the touchscreen from the bottom screen and clean them with isopropyl alcohol and everything should be good again.

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Well, I opened it up, peeled away what I imagine must be the touchscreen sensor, cleaned everything and put things back together. Regrettably it still doesn't work. The screen comes on, but the touchscreen and all buttons are unresponsive, with the exception again of the c-stick, ZL and ZR buttons and the home and power buttons.

Anyone have any further ideas?


TBH I find the final suggestion in this thread (dated April 2023) to be quite interesting. Will try that.


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