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Use a heat gun to soften the back cover sticker around the edges.
  • Use a heat gun to soften the back cover sticker around the edges.

  • Use a suction cup to pull open a gap and insert a guitar pick.

  • Carefully slide the guitar pick to cut the sticker. If you use too much force you can easily crack the glass!

Are the lcd screen of Sony xperia z3 dual the same with lcd screen sony xperia z3??

Rezzig Rvi - Réponse

yes ..they the same ...

B G -

Are the lcd screen of sony xperia z3 dual the same with lcd screen of sony xperia z3+??

Muhammad Luthfi Fadlillah - Réponse

May I know ,how much for the repair this Sony Xperia z3+

hariyatin - Réponse

Remove the back cover and have a quick look around the inside.
  • Remove the back cover and have a quick look around the inside.

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  • Release the battery connector and peel the sticky tape from the bottom corner of the battery.

  • Use the sticky tape to carefully pull up and remove the battery.

The battery was glued to the back cover on the phone I just took apart. Ended up destroying the back panel trying to release it. Still it's only £3 for a replacement from eBay.

Gareth Jones - Réponse

  • The Sony Xperia Z3 Dual 3100mAh battery.

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  • Remove the two screws with a Philips screwdriver.

  • Release the three connectors connected to the loudspeaker assembly.

  • Remove the vibrator securing bracket (this may be optional for some devices).

Whats the screw size?

shashikantchavan - Réponse

  • Remove the loudspeaker assembly cover. Tip: pull it toward the centre of the phone as you pull upwards.

  • Pry up and remove the loudspeaker assembly.

  • Carefully loosen the microphone here.

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  • Carefully remove the metal LCD flex cover.

  • Release the LCD connector from the main flex cable.

  • Carefully pry the LCD connector from the sticker underneath.

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  • Removing the screen is the same as opening the back cover. Heat, open a gap, insert a guitar pick, slide and cut the sticker. Start from the top.

  • Tip: The glue here is stronger, you may need to insert something sharp in the corner to start.

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  • You can use a plastic opening tool to cut the sticker of left and right side.

  • Finally Pull the screen up and remove it. Be careful with the bottom LCD connector and sticker.

How much screen call me 0873746074 for sony xperia z3

johncarpenter - Réponse

  • It's a weird design that the earpiece speaker is stuck onto the Sony Xperia Z3 front glass and not the supporting frame. It means it is possible to remove the LCD screen with the earpiece speaker attached, or separate the speaker from its securing bracket.

  • The above steps depend on the length of the guitar pick that you use.

Make sure that your glue is even around the edges. When I reinstalled the screen I pushed down a little too hard on an irregularity on the screen, I think also the casing was bent inwards on that edge & it broke the screen so had to buy a new screen.

znewcombhall - Réponse


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Same procedure with the Z3?

Heljar Kjerstad - Réponse

Am hasna,am live phone broke touch screen and back cover screen .so what a get this tools

hasnerabdi - Réponse

Please am in Ghana, how can i get a screen replacement and how much will it cost????

David Mensah - Réponse

Z3 is slightly different at the bottom assembly marked row 4

Tony Shoreman - Réponse

I purchased Sony z3 dual in San Francisco and the screen got broke were can I get new screen fix in India

Vaibhav Bhirud - Réponse

My Xperia Z3 fell and my screen started showing "glitchy" images. I sent it for diagnostics, and they told me that the flat cable was damaged and that I need to replace both the screen and the side frame.

Now, my question is - do I really need to replace the side frame as well, or can I just replace the screen? I take it that the flat cable itself is attached to the screen and cannot be removed, as shown in the image for step 10?

After seeing your images, I don't understand why they would tell me that the side frame needs to be replaced as well.

Ranko Cop - Réponse

Hi. I just finished replacing the lcd, it works, I can use the phone, but i don't have light and I can't figure out what could be the problem! At first I tought that the lcd is broken and I changed it, but with no result. Please help me! Thank you!

spircoalin - Réponse

Just finished it, within 15 minutes, I might add. ;)

Marek Rzepka - Réponse

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