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Modifications apportées à l'étape #15

Modifié par Jeff Suovanen

Modification approuvée par Jeff Suovanen


Lignes de l'étape

[title] Final Thoughts
[* black] Microsoft Surface Laptop Repairability Score: '''0 out of 10''' (10 is easiest to repair)
[* red] This laptop is not meant to be opened or repaired; you can’t get inside without inflicting a lot of damage.
[* red] The CPU, RAM, and onboard storage are soldered to the motherboard, making upgrades a no-go.
[* red] The headphone jack, while modular, can only be accessed by removing the heat sink, fan, display, and motherboard.
[* red] The battery is thoroughly impractical to replace, giving the device a limited lifespan.

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