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The Canon Powershot SD790 IS is a compact 10.0 megapixel digital still camera with built-in flash and a 3x Optical Zoom. It was released on March 2008.

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Card is locked. Help on holidays.

I used the camera yesterday and had no problems. Went to use it today and it says card is locked.

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Did you check to see if it is locked?


How do I know if its locked. Its my daughter in laws camera.


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Debbie, check the slide switch on the memory card. Make sure it is not in the locked position. If that does not correct anything, check on here and see if any of those fixes are working for you. Hope this helps, good luck

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Thanks for the help. That`s what the problem was. I would have never have thought to look at that piece. Thanks again for the help.


You are welcome:-) glad I could help.


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