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The Toshiba Satellite A215-S7425 (PSAFGU-30J002) is designed for an exceptional multimedia experience with it’s wireless LAN and multi-DVD reader.

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Hard Drive not recognized

I replaced the hard drive but it is not being recognized for me to load a new Operating System. How do I get the laptop to recognize the new hard drive?

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This is a new hard drive? What type (make model) is it? Why did you replace the old drive? Does the new drive show up in the computers BIOS?


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Since you have just replaced the device with a new one, the first thing you should do is make sure that the hard drive has been placed back into its casing correctly, is properly connected to the sata slot and screwed back into place to avoid bumping it out. The next step would be to enter into the computers BIOS and make sure that it is detected, then change your boot settings so the computer will try to boot from your operating system disk. As long as you can see it in the BIOS, you should be good to go, otherwise you have have swapped one bad drive for another.

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External drives are the simplest way to transfer the stored data from one device to another. If it is not detecting by the sysytem then you should check it with different port or system.

Also check Is the External Hard disk drive visible in Disk Management?

Hope it will help you.

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