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The Dell Inspiron 13-7352 was first introduced in August 2014. It is a 7000 series laptop.

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Why is my USB port is not recognizing any devices?

How can I get the computer to recognize the device?

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Chris Monte, since you never told us what device is not being recognized,I would first suggest that you check your USB port. Try a USB mouse or keyboard on that port and see if those are recognized, That will at least rule out the port. After that, I would suggest that you try to find a driver for whatever device you have that is not being recognized. Follow the instructions for that device.

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In addition to what oldturkey03 has said, perhaps try cleaning out the port with an air duster. Sometimes when the port is dirty it can affect the connection between connection device and the port itself. Always make sure to connect the device USB cord in the intended way (not crooked, upside down).

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