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Released in 2007 and can be identified by the model number nc8430.

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Need help replacing my battery.

My laptop dies quickly. The overall run time have reduced tremendously. After a full charge, it dies in less than 15 minutes. I want to replace the battery on my own but I don't know what type of battery this laptop uses. I don't want to buy the wrong battery and then have to deal with return shipping and time is of the essence..... I need help!!!!

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What is important when replacing laptop batteries is the "freshness" of the cells within the plastic casing. The nc8430 is a 2006 model, so there are no reliable "new" reliable OEM batteries. I would suggest to buy one on eBay, but buy from a seller than ha s sold at least a couple of hundreds of these to ensure that the replacement cells are fresh and not been sitting on some shelf for a decade.

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