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This LG Android device was released in October of 2015. The model number of the device used to create these guides is LG-VS990.

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My phone suddenly became unable to detect my sim card?

I have an LG v10, and it suddenly stopped detecting my sim card. Because of this I am unable to send text messages. I have checked the contacts and none of them are flattened, can anyone help diagnose this? Also, my phone started restarting randomly about 2 days ago

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Random reset? Wondering if it's a battery issue? Can you send messages over wifi? You can try to reset your network settings

From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon > Settings .

Tap Backup and reset.

Tap Network settings reset.

Tap RESET SETTINGS (located at the bottom).

If prompted, enter, PIN, password, pattern or knock code.

Tap Reset settings.

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I took out the card for a bit and that seemed to fix it for some reason


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Get your carrier to give you a new sim card. If you see wear on the gold strip, it is a faulty sim card and not your phone.

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I can not get my zte to detect my sim card it was fine few days ago AT&T was suppose to send me a new one in the mail but haven't received it and having difficulty with their customer service support they won't call me back also I can't make calls no one can hear me on the other end and the data is wiped out in settings I have no mobile data switch to turn on in settings what should I do. Also it looks like my phone has been encrypted I don't know what that

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