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External storage options by Seagate, usually connected by USB, available in many storage sizes and form factors.

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Connection problems with my Seagate?

Hello, I currently own the seagate 1Tb backup slim plus. Recently, I was was working on revit and I moved my laptop just a little bit and because of that my disk was ejected. I got the usual prompt saying my disk was not ejected properly and said ok. However as I plugged it back in, the drive is not being recognized by my laptop (Mac). The disk is also making frequent high pitched sounds that occur I would say every 7 seconds. I think the problem is a connection problem bridging from the drive to the computer. It is also not being recognized by other devices. Any help or thoughts is appreciated thank you!

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You should check the cable, look for kinks near the connector and also look for damaged contacts on the connector.


We are having a similar problem with a 2019 MBP 13 touchbar, OWC TB3 bus and 2 older USB2 drives, where randomly the drives disconnect, and we get a stack of error messages saying drive not ejected properly. Sometimes this happens with just the slightest movement of the bus, sometimes without any apparent movement of the peripheral(s). The result is a Finder freeze that requires a reset or just a prolonged wait.

There have been many instances of this behavior noted in Apple Support discussions, (search: "drive not ejected properly"), but no consistent fix, and no response from Apple, or fix provided by subsequent OS upgrades. This issue has been noted since MacOS 10.11 (High Sierra).


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Your description does sound like an unrecoverable hard drive failure.

If you need to have data recovered, it will be expensive.

The only thing you can do is check with Seagate to see if the drive is still under warranty, and replace the drive. If you think you plan to get data off the drive professionally, Seagate has an option to send you the replacement first so you can copy your data over, then return the broken one.

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The high pitched noise is the write/read scraping your disk. at this point your data may not be recoverable. its also known as the "screeching sound of death" your data may be gone unless you fork some money over to a proffesional. even so they might not even be able to recover some or all of the data. Sorry Buddy.

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Neither above answer addressed why the OP’s laptop generated the “drive not ejected properly” error message during normal usage, which may have been unrelated to the disk physical connection. Disk ejection message perhaps being the precipitating factor to drive failure, i.e. message appears, then OP disconnects the drive, which action causes the damage. Instead, look for the reason that the error message was generated in the first place.

Apple Support discussions include several threads, some dating back some years (!) and some recent ones, noting this error message behavior, with supposed causes including sloppy physical USBC port design, to poor cable design, to unaddressed behavior of the operating system. The threads date back to the High Sierra OS 10.11 update and continue to the present (Mojave 10.14), and there is no confirmed fix, as far as I can tell.

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