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Released May 2015 under android operating systems. The Iconia One 8 is a Wi-Fi capable tablet equipped with 9in screen and 1200x800 resolution.

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How do I Unlock pattern?

How do i unlock pattern without rebooting it?

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2 solutions

there is a reason the password is there, which is to protect the enduser data from theft. and such, there is no way to bypass it without erasing all of the data on the device,

You can do a factory reset on the device, which will erase the pattern, and bring it to factory defaults. (no data will be saved)

depending on the version of android being used on the device, it may lock on the google account at that point. in which case you will need to remember the password to your Google ID. (gmail address)

All of these are basic security protocals on all mobile devices to prevent theft, and unable to be bypassed.

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i appreciate the stealthy upvote. ;)


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If you have an email (or gmail), you can just keep trying it until it says to put your email in. If you dont have a gmail/email, you should make one.

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