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This is the 2015 version of a long line of laptops from Toshiba. It is high performance but also very accessible, which makes it good for students.

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C55T A5103 serial number

Hi, what kind of USB ports should I buy from your store to replace them with my computer's defective USB ports? Is there identification number for them? I have Toshiba satellite C55t A5103 laptop and I want to replace the USB ports that are on the right side and not the one near the power port of the computer. Please let me know. Thanks

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2 solutions

Is the USB ports soldered in place with the motherboard?

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Hi, yes it is attached to the motherboard and I want to replace them if you have the right USB port


you can solder it off and solder a new one . Hope it works!


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There are only two options for you: Replace the motherboard, or use a USB hub.

Replacing the motherboard would be major surgery. If you don't know exactly what you are doing, you can damage it in the process.

A USB hub, on the other hand, simply plugs in and gives you more USB ports. In your case, it would be more USB2 ports, because your USB3 ports are on the bad side of the computer.

If you decide to go with a USB hub, make sure you get one which has its own power, that is, one which has an AC adapter. Sometimes devices won't be able to draw sufficient power when plugged into a hub, unless that hub has its own power.

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